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It’s all about Networking

Get out there, gather your gal pals and turn your connections into D&D styled fashionistas.

Make Trunk Shows Happen.

The easiest way to spread the word about your latest venture is through a Trunk Show. Get a buddy to host one, invite your friends and let the party begin.

Spread the Style.

Use your innate sense of fashion to help out your friends. We’ll give you the latest in the world of jewellery, all you got to do is get out there and colour the world.



A Trunk Show is your chance to spread the latest in the world of fashion. As a stylist, you carry a few samples and a virtual look book with all the designs we house at D&D. People count on your opinion and expertise to make sure that they leave every trunk show with a bit more vogue than they come in with.


As stylists, you help them choose that perfect piece of jewellery to tie their outfit together. Whether it’s that perfect pendant for the elegant look, or that statement piece for the Little Black Dress, the D&D stylist is always around to help out a customer with their personal touch.


On your journey as a D&D stylist, you are bound to meet like-minded women along the way that make your work a pleasure. Women, who after a while stop being business contacts, and turn into dear friends. A vast network is available to you to become a social butterfly..

Your All-In-One Starter Kit

Our Starter Kit has everything you need to succeed. Just add passion.



This box of fun contains – 

  • The ultimate D&D Opportunity booklet
    All you need to know about what Doe & Deer can mean to you and how you can give back!
  • Look Book:
    70 pages oozing style and class! Find our amazing products all fitted into this manuscript.
  • Jewellery:
    You can pick and choose! Wear them, show them off, or just display them as your personal collection in your next Trunk Show.
  • Other Training material:
    Vital information that will help you become the amazing Stylist that you were always meant to be.
  • And more…




Because who doesn’t dream of a job which gives you flexible hours while having a great time in the company of friends.



In today’s world, it always helps to know more people. D&D gives you the platform to meet new people and expand your own horizons



Style can be your biggest asset in creating a first impression. And at D&D, we are committed to bringing the latest in global style to your fingertips.


Payal Sharma


Networking is so important if you are starting something on your own. Tying up with Doe & Deer has immensely helped me build on that!

Mitali Ghosh


I don’t have time for a job, so thank you Doe and Deer for helping me create a source of income that is my own.

Prerna Shetty


I plan to eventually pursue my MBA and working with D&D has helped me gain perspective on what skills I have and what I can work on.

Asmita Reddy

Consultant/Freelance Professional

D&D has helped me plan a perfect way to spend my time between assignments. This helps me relax as well as earn some extra cash!


What does it mean to be an Independent Stylist?

As a stylist with D&D, you become a face for the brand. It gives you a chance to become fiercely independent, but on your own terms. You help people in matters of style by selling through pre-arranged trunk shows. Essentially, you create a work environment suited for you.

What is a trunk show?

A trunk show is the most personalized shopping experience one can ever have. Browsing through thousands of designs in the comfort of your own home, with friends gathered around and a stylist helping you decide which look will suit you the best and what’s currently hot in the industry. A D&D trunk show guarantees fun, networking and whole lotta fashion.

How do I book a trunk show?

Booking trunk shows is all about getting the ball rolling. One trunk show leads to two more, and then four more and so on. At D&D, we make sure that as you get out there, you have our training to fall back on.

  1. Jot down names in each of your social circles – such as friends, family, and neighbors – and asking them to host a Trunk Show.
  2. All your hostess needs is to provide a space. With a group of gals, some trendy fashion and your look books and fashion sense, it’s bound to be a hit.
  3. As the customers get styled with our uber-chic jewelry, you earn a commission on sales. Everyone wins!

How do I order samples for my trunk show?

All it takes, are 3 easy steps.

  • Become an independent stylist
  • Choose from one of our recommended sample sets or go wild and mix n’ match.
  • We’ll ship it to your place and you can be all fancy.

What about my training, marketing support and advice from D&D? Do you guys help out?

Of course we do. We don’t expect you to become a fashionista overnight. We’ll give all the training and resources you need, and over time, you can dazzle people with you sense of style. Our market research team will give you enough info to make a name for yourself in the business.

You’ll get one-on-one coaching sessions from our in-house stylists and you’ll meet other stylists too at out monthly events. An interactive session will take place to bounce off ideas and experiences. We’ll be there for you, every step of the way helping you help yourselves.

What will my hours be like?

At D&D, you decide how many hours you want to put in. It’s what our brand is built. Helping you juggle all aspects of life by maintaining flexible hours. Some women prefer working a few hours a week. Others enjoy it so much that it becomes their full-time business. So, we leave it up to you. It’s time for life to become a little bit flexible.

Is there any initial investment?

Yes, there is. When you sign up as a stylist with D&D, we provide you with a starter kit to help hit the ground running.  Our look books, opportunity booklets and the samples are exclusively prepared for you and hence they cost a little money. But, the initial investment is minimal compared to how much you can earn while having a ball.

What makes D&D exclusive?

The best part about D&D is the business model itself. You are your own boss. You earning is solely dependent on yourself. Our model encourages positive competition, while playing absolutely no favorites. And when the work itself is so much fun, the entire experience becomes all the more fulfilling.