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All you have to do is get people over to your place and let our stylists do the rest. A few snacks to go around and space for your friends to relax are all that’s needed to host your own trunk show. And then, our D&D stylist will help you and your friends with all the style advice you need and you can take the credit for throwing a fabulous party.


If you are interested, get in touch with D & D stylist now and she will guide you with the rest. Don’t know a stylist yet? No issues. Get in touch with us and we will connect you with one.


What’s more, you can even host a trunk show at your workplace. Once you get a taste of your first trunk show, we’re confident that you’ll be coming back for more.


There are quite a few benefits of hosting a Trunk Show:

  • Become social.
  • Get styled by the best in the business.
  • Buy some chic jewellery.
  • Stay connected with global trends.
  • Stay away from salesmen who will say just about anything to sell.
  • Get real-time feedback from your friends and experienced D & D stylists.
  • Grow your network and meet like-minded people.
  • Shop from the comfort of your own living room.
  • No presentations; No sales pressure.

Tips for hosting an awesome
Trunk Show:


  • Throw a party with a quirky theme.
  • Have some food and drinks going around.
  • Organize fun activities to keep your guests engaged.
  • Engage with each guest personally.

Trunk Shows FAQs

What is Trunk Show all about ?

A Trunk Show is all about having fun. They are just about hanging out with friends over fashion and food. Our stylists understand each individual’s personal style and do their very best to ensure that every guest leaves with a little more vogue than they walked in with.

Can I host a trunk show ?

If being fashionable and social is something you enjoy, you will make a perfect host to your very own Trunk Show. We carry styles and trends which are suitable for everyone. No matter what your age, profession or style, we have something in our collection which you will love. So you can host a Trunk Show for basically any group of women, no matter what your group may be.

When can I host a Trunk Show?

As soon as you decide on a date. Get in touch with a stylist or let us choose one for you and you can plan your own Trunk Show. An ideal Trunk Show lasts about 2-3 hours, so we suggest you set around at least that much time to make it an awesome Trunk Show..

Who all can I invite?

Everyone you know! Everyone loves spending time with their girl gang. Doing it over some good food, beverages and jewellery is even better. Spread the word of style and have a ball doing it.

Where all can I host a Trunk Show?

Here, there and everywhere. Your home, your workplace and your community centre can all make for ideal locations to host a successful Trunk Show. In case, you don’t own the place, make sure you take the necessary permissions required while using a public space.

Will it cost me much?

Not a Rupee. Our Trunk Shows are absolutely free of charge. Our stylist will walk you through the easiest ways to host a successful trunk show and be there to guide you through your journey of discovering fresh and trendy styles. 

Which ways can we pay for the merchandise we like?

We only accept cash at Trunk Shows… for now. But if you like a piece, you can always book it online with your credit/debit card and your jewellery will be delivered home.

Can I host a Trunk Show along with someone else?

Sure! It’s more the merrier at a Trunk Show. You can get more people down for the Trunk Show and make it the most happening get together in town.

Do we see the complete D&D collection at every Trunk Show?

Every stylist carries with her a selection of jewellery which along with her for every trunk show. With our exhaustive collection, it would not be feasible to carry our entire range with us. Which is why our stylists carry look-books along with them that feature all our pieces. You can choose your favourite designs from there and place an order.

What’s the best way to send out invites?

That’s totally up to you. E-mails, Facebook events or even Whatsapp messages. Our stylists will always be around to help you create a personalized mails or messages. Something quirky and beautiful always helps build the curiosity about your trunk show.

What about some food and drinks?

Of course. It will only help in making the Trunk Show even better. Some form of finger-food and a few drinks are ideal. With the ladies enjoying the jewellery, we don’t think an elaborate meal is necessary.

How do I find a stylist?

All you need to do is fill out a simple form with your details on our website, and our stylists will get in touch with you. You can fix up a time and coordinate the details via phone or e-mail. If you already know a D&D stylist, just let her know, and she can help you out with the rest.

How long does it take to plan a Trunk Show?

From when you decide to host your very own Trunk Show, we recommend you take at least a fortnight to plan the whole thing. From sending out the invites to working out the details, a little time will only help you make the trunk show a fun gathering.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of guests for a trunk show?

Our stylists are equally equipped to take care of small and large groups the same. From groups of 8 to groups of 40, we are happy to work with women who love style as much as we do.

What if my house is too small?

All we need is a coffee table and we can make it happen! We regularly hold trunk shows in one bedroom homes. All that matters is that everyone has a good time.